My evening with Janelle Monae!

Amazing! So last Thursday I was blessed to be able to attend the APM Music Series concert at The Taste of Chicago. I brought my mom along with me and we had a blast.


The great people of Illinois Lottery sponsored the event and even had a hospitality suite for their VIP guest. It was full of tasty bites and treats. I think I gained 5 pounds that night due to the sugar cookies and red potato salad!




It was great seeing so many of my blogger friends we laughed and talked until the show started. But of course when Miss Janelle Monae hit the stage all talking ceased and all eyes were on HER. Her performance was magical. The stage was set up nicely and her outfits and shoes were on point. The band had the crowd standing the entire show. With her energy, talent, and sincere heart I was completely blown away.




Janelle jumped into the audience held a cute toddler, jokingly jumped on some guys back and encouraged Chicago to stop the violence. She was down to earth and with her song lyrics she seemed transparent. I was a fan before but this event sealed the deal!


Can’t wait to take the kiddos to see “To Train Your Dragon 2″!

I love taking my son and little sister to the movies in the summer. The AC is on full blast and we can snack on popcorn and nachos which is pretty awesome to me.

There are a lot of movies I want to check out this Summer, but one that the kids are really pumped to see is “How to train your dragon 2″. It comes out June 13th 2014 and I’m sure it’s going to be just as amazing as the first one if not better.

Make sure you take your kiddos and let me know how you guys enjoyed it!


Happy Mother’s Day from A Real Urban Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate and rejoice the mothers in our lives.


I’m praying for all those that have lost mothers, grandmother, and motherly figures. They are now your guardian angels.

To those that have lost babies and children I’m praying for you. Please know your angels are in heaven smiling down on you.

Today is a bitter sweet day for so many so please spread love and prayers to those important to you.


I am one of Carrington Farms All Good April Ambassadors!

As you may know I have decided to start living a healthy lifestyle, in which I started to eat better, be more active, and love me inside and out. Since I have started this journey I have learned so much about food and they way to prepare it more healthier which has been a true blessing. That’s why when I was asked to be an Carrington Farms All Good April Ambassador I agreed happily. Carrington Farms carry so many great items and I was super excited to try out everything.

I received Coconut cooking oil, Cold pressed Coconut oil (solid), and Organic milled Flax seeds. Let me first say the quality of the items were outstanding. I sautéed some chicken using the Coconut cooking oil and the taste was amazing, plus I was using healthier methods of preparing my food which make me happy. Now the cold pressed Coconut oil gets the most play in my house because not only do I use it with cooking I also use it on me. Yes honey Coconut oil is great for natural hair, dry skin, and nails. So that is a double win. The Flax seed was a surprise because I have been trying to get more fiber in my diet and this was the perfect addiction. You can throw the seeds in you smoothies or juice also its easy to mix in with scrambled eggs. These are staples now in my kitchen now.

Another great thing about Carrington Farms is that it’s available in so many different places, even online. To find out more about Carrington Farms and the products they offer check out their Facebook and Website where they have recipes and you can find a store near you that carries their brand. If you want to make a change in your eating habits start off small and you will be shocked on how you want to make more healthier changes.

Tasty fun with Potbelly’s NEW Flats and Popchips!

I have a confession I not a huge sandwich fan, but I enjoy Potbelly’s sandwiches plus their shakes and cookies (Yum). I was invited to try one of their new line of sandwiches and I was extremely excited because this new item was going to be 90 calories less than the original Potbelly sandwich. As you know I am trying to change the way I eat so this caught my interest.

The tasting event was super cool. Live music, bright balloons, and LOTS of food. When I came in I was given a frozen raspberry lemonade (which doesn’t come out to June, but be on the look out it was great) and BOOM! The tasting began and the Flats were coming in by the boat load. Also the table was stacked with various flavors of Popchips which was a great addition to the tasty sandwiches we were feasting on. I tried the Wreck first, because that’s what I always order when I dine at Potbelly, but this time it was transformed to a Flat and when I tell you the flavor was amazing I mean it. Just by using a different type of bread it changed the whole taste. I wanted to try a different kind after that so I went with the Chicken and Cheddar and I sat quietly in my chair with a smile on my face (LOL. I really did.) The Chicken and Cheddar Flat is my favorite, after that I tried the Turkey Flat and it was very tasty. Can you say stuffed? I needed to be rolled out of that Potbelly’s, I was so full. Plus afterwards they gave us some of their wonderful cookies to take home.

Overall I am very impressed with Potbelly’s New Flat sandwich, the frozen lemonade and the awesome choice of being able to grab Popchips while feasting on a yummy Flats sandwich. I recommend you try one! Potbelly’s Flats will be available starting Tues. May 6th 2014. ‘

Corner Bakery’s New Superfoods Menu + Giveaway

Corner Bakery invited me out to try their new Superfoods menu items. Since I have recently started a journey for a healthier me I felt that the timing was perfect. I love the Corner Bakery and their sandwiches are amazing, but it is a huge plus to have healthier options to dig into. The new items on the menu are tasty and had greatc alorie counts (yup I count calories. LOL)

The event featured Corner Bakery’s food guru Ric Scicchitano. He gave a live cooking demonstration on making the new items. He was very knowledgeable and broke down the benefits of Kale and Quinoa. I bet you didn’t know that Kale is high in fiber, iron, and calcium. Did you know that Quinoa is a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids? I learned so much and I am now planning to increase my intake of kale.

Enough of my rambling let me tell you what the new menu items are!

Toasted Sesame Kale- Fresh kale, shredded carrots and toasted sesame seeds with ginger soy dressing. it was very light and refreshing!

Quinoa Salad- Quinoa, corn, black beans, tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, and cilantro with a zesty lime vinaigrette. I still have to wrap my mind around quinoa, but this dish was pretty good. Lots of flavors.

Corner Bakery is actually bringing an item back to the menu, the Southwest Avocado Wedge and this was my favorite at the tasting. It features fresh avocado, roasted corn, tomato salsa and tortilla strips. This dish was simple yet carried so many flavors, with a hint of heat.

Ric also made us the two new smoothies that will be rolling out as well. The Orange Carrot Ginger smoothie and the Four Berry smoothie. The smoothies are 100% real fruit, it serves for four fruit servings per drink and there is no sugar added. You also have the options to add 6 grams of yogurt protein boost!

What I love about all the new items is that they will all be made to order. These new items will be ready to be order starting Tuesday April, 29th at your local Corner Bakery. To check out more from Corner Bakery visit their website.

To celebrate I am giving away $100 dollars in Corner Bakery gift certificates! I will randomly pick 10 of my Facebook Fans so make sure you are a fan! Good luck and happy eating!