Some cool and fun things to do with the kids this Spring Break!

Yes! it’s Dereon’s Spring Break, he is excited and so am I. A whole week break from uniforms, early wake ups, and strict bed times. Last year for Spring Break we took a family road trip to Alabama to see our down south family. We stopped and visited all the states we drove through and had a great time. This year unfortunately our Spring break days are all different. My baby sister DeeDee took her Spring Break two weeks ago and my teenager sister is on Spring Break with Dereon. Plus my parents requested a whole different week off for their vacation time, so this year we are playing it local. Chicago is a big enough City to get lost in. Although I was born and raised here there are so many places I haven’t been and so I try to explore them with Dereon and the hubz. It makes great family memories, which is one of my goals. Even if every year we don’t go to some distant place I want Dereon to enjoy learning and being with his family.

Anyways enough of my rambling here are some cool ideas that I have for the kiddo this Spring Break. I split them into categories because I want to do two activities in each category during the week and then have a rest and recover day!

1. Active: We have to stay active. Although we will sleep in some days (YAY!) I want us to still get up and out. Skating, Bowling, and Miniature golf are classics and family friendly. If you are in Chicago like me here are some locations you can visit:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Skating Rink & Bowling Alley

Waveland Bowl

Putting Edge Mini Golf

2. Exploring/Learning: Just because the kiddos are out of school, doesn’t mean they should stop learning. So of course museums are on the list of things to explore. Here are some great Chicago museums to check out:

The Children’s Museum

The Field Museum

MSI Chicago (Museum of Science and Industry)

3. Foodie: While we are out and about we normally stop to get something to eat. Sometimes the restaurant can be the experience. You can zone out different areas and try their cuisine. For example in Chicago we have a neighborhood called “Chinatown” it is full of restaurants, shops, and even museums all based on the Chinese. You can stay a whole day there and explore, eat, and be active. Here are some Chicago places that are fun to visit:

Rainforest Café

Chicago Chinatown

Ed Debevic’s

4. Artsy: I love going out and hitting up the CTA for a day of fun with the kiddo, but there is nothing like a day full of arts and crafts. You don’t always have to spend money to have a good time. You can explore science at home by making a volcano together. You can be chefs for the day and make cookies from scratch. You can even be active by doing some Spring cleaning or going for an “I Spy” walk in your neighborhood. There is always something to do! Never fall into that “I am Bored” trap find something to do. Here are some crafty things to do at home with the kiddos:

How to make volcano

How to make Chocolate Chip cookie

Fun ways to get active with the kids

Most importantly have fun spending time together=)

When does being “Thick” become unhealthy?

I’m sure this post may step on a few toes. Including my own. But sometimes we all need wake up calls.

I’ve always been considered “thick”, even as a child I was called “solid” by the older folks in my family and neighborhood. Please don’t get me wrong I was called that affectionately. I didn’t mind it at all. Once I started getting older in my early teens my baby fat begin to shift and I had boobs, hips, and more butt. To the opposite sex this was nice, but to me it was confusing. I mean I didn’t know why I needed more curves I was already hating to go clothes shopping because every store doesn’t stock fashionable items for the curvy. But life went on and my weight stayed the same in high school until I hit college.  By then I had dropped a few pounds and knew how to camouflage what wasn’t appealing l. I knew what extra curves were for and when it was time to show them.

And then I had my son…insert music *here*!! I can’t blame child birth on my current weight, that wouldn’t be fair because Dereon is almost 7 years old. However I will say having a kid changes your body FOREVER! I unfortunately had a C – section and that really affected my post baby weight loss. I didn’t gain that much weight during my pregnancy,  but the few extra pounds I did gain found a home in unflattering spots like my inner thighs, arms and of course my stomach. Now a mother, and then a few years later a wife, my weight concern wasn’t the top on my list (until it was time to wear my wedding dress.) I focused on working on our apartment, the kiddo’s learning, my dreams, and my husband’s career.

Fast forward 5 years later. I’ve got the mom thing down, the hubby is moving up in his field and I started my blog! Things are rolling, but I’m not completely happy with me! My weight and size bothered me.  I finally said something to a friend and she replied “girl you are thick, you are fine. Stop stressing yourself.” There goes that word again “thick”! Umm no…I was fat. I couldn’t see myself wearing a 2 piece at the beach, I never wanted to step on a scale, and finding clothes online was a huge no because I always have to try my clothes on. I couldn’t run up a block without getting winded, I hated the thought of having to walk a long distance from my car, plus looking at myself and loving what I saw on the outside wasn’t always easy. If that was being “thick” I didn’t want it. So I battled with the Monday starts my new diet and I only eat salads and fruits plan. That didn’t even last that whole Monday. Lol. Then it was the “New year, new me” Jan.1st I start my diet plan and of course that didn’t work, the last one was after my birthday I’m going to really focus and start losing weight. Well I celebrated my birthday all of February and some of March and I didn’t get focused. Until.

Until I looked at myself in mirror while applying some lipstick the second weekend in March (yes, a few weeks ago.) And I saw me, and my face just looked distorted. Stretched out…I went out that night and everyone said how cute I looked and loved my makeup, but I had made up in my mind I had to make a change for me.

March 17th I stepped on the scale at the doctor office and I vowed to never see those numbers again.  I joined the local gym by my house and started a realistic weight journey. No fad diets, no pills or drops. The old fashion way….WORK! Now please don’t get me wrong I cheat and since I’ve started I have skipped some gym days and ate the wrong things, but since I’m on this for me everyday I wake up determined to go forward and not back. I’m determined to not let society’s thought of skinny rule me and I plan to embrace my curves, but this time in at a healthy stand point. Honestly I don’t want to be a size 4. That’s not me, but I want to be healthy and happy with the skin I’m in. I want to be around to see my kids have kids. I don’t want high blood pressure or diabetes. I want to live. To live means I’m going to have to fight so I’m on a mission to whip my body into shape.

It was hard to write this post, but I believe someone needed to read this. Some needs to know that being happy starts on the inside and what others think of you only validate you temporary. Self acceptance lasts a lifetime. We can do this!


The Tooth Fairy stopped by this weekend

Yup, you read that right. The Tooth Fairy visited our home this weekend. Dereon lost two teeth Saturday. His two bottom teeth have been loose for a few months now, but within the last week he’s been complaining of a toothaches.

Saturday afternoon Dereon started wriggling the teeth and I told him it would soon be time that he would be “snag a tooth”. Lol. To help speed up the process I told him to snack on a apple. And that REALLY helped. But the teeth were still there just… hanging. My mom was going to pull them out with tweezers (I know that sounds weird,  but I trust my mom. Heehee.) However when Dereon noticed those silver things he freaked out. Super dad came to the rescue and pulled them out with a quick twist. Within 60 seconds Dereon was missing two teeth:)


I kissed the hubby because with his help Dereon was so relived. He said he felt free! Of course I giggled, what 6 year old you know says they feel “free”?  Anywho we placed the two teeth in a ziploc bag and placed it under Dereon’s pillow. Before he headed to bed later that night he asked a million questions, “would the Tooth Fairy wake him up?” Or “would she forget about him?” I reassured him that everything would be fine and that he would be happy when he wakes up. Since he fell asleep on the couch a few minutes later I was able to hide the cash under his pillow and move the teeth. He scored $1 per tooth. The next morning he was ecstatic and my job as fairy was done…for now.


My experience at the 2014 Black Women’s Expo

This time last weekend I was walking the aisles of the Black Women’s Expo and I had a wonderful time. I’ve met so many different empowered women and brands. The event was from Friday to Sunday at the McCormick Place. The place was full with celebrities, vendors, and freebies. This year the expo celebrated its 20th year and the celebration was bigger and better. Check out some of the pictures from my weekend.

The Expo was filled with so much power and knowledge. I was really excited to be there.

I hung with so many great vendors. This was Anointed Wives Ministry CEO Felicia Houston and I.

My girl Author and Publisher Tamika Newhouse. We always have a good time when she is here.

Here I am hanging with ABC Newsman Hosea Sanders.

One of the booths at the Expo offered FREE Rapid HIV testing. I jumped at the chance to get checked out. There wasn’t a shot, just a mouth swab. Quick, easy, and pain free.

I had to grab a selfie with my girl Nikki from Nikki in the City blog. She is the sweetest.

The second day of the Expo some of my friends attended with me. Margo enjoyed the event as well.

When I tell you the Expo had everything…they really did. They even had Face painting for the kiddos. Although I didn’t bring Dereon with me. My niecey pooh Zarrie ventured out with her mom and I and she loved her Hello Kitty makeover.

I attended seminars with Biggest losers contestants and the exotic author Zane. Enjoyed live performances from many popular musical acts and a amazing dance act based off the Brazilian Carnival. BMOA passed out smoothie samples and handed free smoothie coupon out too. I think I walked off about 5 pounds the whole weekend. LOL. Overall I felt empowered and motivated to keep pushing towards my goal as a woman entrepreneur, wife, and a mom.

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April 2014


We made it to another month and a new quarter! God is so good. I pray this new month brings new opportunities, more favor, and great memories.

Whatever happened yesterday is in the the past, that was last month’s old news. You have a new start and a fresh beginning. Look ahead and stay focused. Set some goals. Personally and professionally and do your best to meet them.

Enjoy your clean slate and trust in the Lord to lead you to better days this month.



5 reason you should attend the 2014 Black Women’s Expo!

Weekends are normally crazy for me and my family due to birthday parties, other random events, quality family time, and church. It’s a whirlwind sometimes and then it’s back to reality on Monday. No break in between. But I have learned to schedule things that are important to me and my family and to “waitlist” other activities. This upcoming weekend there was so much going on and I had to say no to most of it because I have dedicated this weekend to the 2014 Black Women’s Expo. I wanted to spend this weekend on working on me. So here are 5 reasons on why YOU should attend the Black Expo:

1. The expo is geared for women like you. African American women that are on a mission to achieve more. The vendors, speakers, and entertainers are there specially for you.

2. If you buy your admission ticket from Walgreens the price is HALF OFF! That’s right only $10.

3. The speaker round up is truly amazing. So much knowledge under one roof. Check it out here

4. The Expo is perfect for weekend fun with your girlfriends, your mom, or even your daughter.

5. I will be there! Yes, that’s right I am one of the official bloggers for the 2014 Black Women Expo! I will be live tweeting and blogging from the Expo. And I would love to see you and take a #selfie =)

Those are the 5 reasons you should be in attendance at the Black Women’s Expo this weekend. I hope this has convinced you to come on down and be a part of a history!

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When your kid gets hurt and you feel like a loser…

Yesterday Dereon fell. Pretty hard. He was playing with his friends that happen to be our neighbors and he tripped and hit the concrete. Hard. He came home screaming and yelling. All the other children silently walked behind him with worry filled eyes. The left side of his face was swelling as he walkws up the back porch stairs.

After further inspection Dereon had scratches and big bruise right under his eye. His godmommy who is an RN was here and she told us to get an ice pack while she looked at the swelling. The ice pack did get the puffiness down. But now his face was beet red. Dereon was quiet at this point just staring at us with puppy eyes. I gave him some advil to reduce the pain and that really helped make him relax. We watched Robocop together and he was able to doze off.

But I was a mess. My husband told me to calm down. He kept trying to explain to me that boys fall and get hurt. Yeah other boys fall and get hurt, but not my baby:( Well apparently my son was included in that scenario now. I felt like a bad mom. But how could I have prevented him from falling? Maybe I should have made him stay in. Was this all my fault? A million different thoughts came across my mind (which none was positive) and then I finally sighed. The deed was done. What’s the point of beating myself up? Dereon would be OK. Looking like Rocky for a few days won’t be fun, but thank God it wasn’t worse. He could have needed stitches or serious medical care, but he didn’t. 

I kissed my mini Rocky and tucked him in the bed and laid next to my restfully sleeping husband and thanked God for keeping my baby from serious harm. I asked Him for a quick healing and then I was able to sleep.

When I woke up this morning I wanted to see Dereon’s face. I wanted him to be back to 100%. Of course he wasn’t, but his eye wasn’t horrendous. I smiled and kissed his forehead.  He will be OK and so will I.

I wanted to share this because I know that sometimes as mothers when our children get hurt we feel like losers, but all that matters is that we are there to reassure our children that everything will be OK and that in the midst of the chaos things could be worse. So don’t feel down mom, you are your kid’s Super Hero! You are meant to kiss the boo boos and make things normal again even if your once baby face baby looks like Rocky Balboa :)